I'm a hobby photographer. I love to go out with my wife Marianne and take pictures at a Zoo or in nature.

Bor van Gool Photography

what things am I doing...

Just four things I like to do in my free time.

ICT System Engineer

I work as a System Engineer and I love my job.


I'm a hobby photographer, mostly interested in Animal- and nature-photography.

Home Automation

I like to spend my time tinkering with Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards to automate my house.

Zoo visitor

We like to visit a Zoo so we both can enjoy the animals and take photographs.

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a little more about Me

Creative Photographer

I am dutch photographer who likes to go out in nature or go to a Zoo to take photographs of a nice vista or of all kinds of animals.

Please find and follow me on VERO a relativly new and popular Social Media App to share photographs, search for borvangool_photography.

Also, take a look my dogs page, here you'll find pictures of our own dog Shiloh and of other dogs we meet during our long walks through the forrest. onzehonden.nl

I created my own automatic curtain control! I never touch my curtains, they close and open automatically when it is light or dark outside. Check this for parts and Arduino-code!